Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms and conditions of use

       General Sales Conditions
1.1. Terms of sale for customers of JAVERSHOES.EE (buyers) and owners JAVERSHOES.EE - Flossy Eesti OÜ (hereinafter referred to as JAVERSHOES.EE). The exchange of goods takes place on a legal basis.

1.2. General conditions of sale can not be contrary to the provisions in force in the Republic of Estonia, and, if necessary (in case of dispute or missing information) supplemented with regulations.

1.3. In addition to the general conditions of sale, the relationship between the buyer and JAVERSHOES.EE regulate product information, pricing, conditions of return and the claim.

1.4. JAVERSHOES.EE reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms and prices of products for their operating efficiency, competitiveness, development and subsequent reorganization in order to supplement or change the range of products. Conditions and changes in product prices and amendments shall come into force from the date of change in the information contained on JAVERSHOES.EE page. If the client has sent the order to the entry into force of amendments to the provisions of the transfer order to the customer it is carried out under the previous conditions.

1.5. JAVERSHOES.EE buyer and willing to make a deal on purchase / sale of goods through JAVERSHOES.EE page www.javershoes.ee the Internet in accordance with the conditions set forth in this document. The buyer confirms that he is familiar with the terms of the purchase on www.javershoes.ee site and accepts them.



       Prices JAVERSHOES.EE
2.1. Prices of goods in JAVERSHOES.EE page are shown in Euros and include shipping

2.2. Delivery of goods depends on the chosen method of delivery by the client.

2.2.1. With SmartPOST Itella Smartpost.

2.2.2. With Post 24 parcel terminals.

2.2.3. The client also has the ability to pick the item up yourself.

2.3. For more information, you can use the "How to Buy".


       The order checkout.
3.1. The customer adds the item to the shopping cart by clicking the button "Add to cart".

3.2. Adding to cart does not obligate the customer to make a purchase.

3.3. The client can change the contents of the basket by adding and removing from it.

3.4. Before confirmation of payment items in the cart can be purchased by another customer.

3.5. The client chooses the delivery method and the packaging in which wants to get the goods.

3.6. After selecting the mode of delivery and packaging the customer clicks on the button "Checkout" and fills in all the required information about the customer and the payer and presses the send button.

3.7. By order, the customer confirms that he is familiar with the client's rights and the seller.

3.8. After the order, the customer receives a bill, in order to the specified e-mail.

3.9. Other additional information can be found in the section "How to order?".

3.10. Goods will be sent after receipt of 100% of the order amount.


       Payment for the goods.
4.1. The client has the right to choose the payment method.

4.1.1. With the help of direct banking links Swedbank, SEB and Nordea.

4.1.2. With the help of a bank transfer on the basis prepared in the client account email.

4.1.3. With the help of the payment system PayPal.

4.1.4. Cash, if the client wants to pick the item up yourself at the store.

4.1.5. With the help of the international bank transfer on the basis prepared in the client account email.

4.2. After receiving the money, the client e-mail confirmation will be sent.

4.3. All costs related to the transfer of funds carries the client, according to the current price list of the bank.

4.4. If within 2-business days money not credited to the account of the seller, the order shall be canceled.


       Delivery of the goods and their transfer to the client.
5.1. After the entry into force of the contract (in accordance with paragraph 3.10, and, subject to paragraph 1.5) the goods are sent to the address specified by the customer in the order.

5.2. The client can choose from the following shipping methods:

5.2.1. With SmartPOST Itella Smartpost.

5.2.2. With Post 24 parcel terminals.

5.2.3.Klient also has the ability to pick the item up yourself.

5.3. The details of costs to use devices and Itella Smartpos Post24 is available on the company's official website.

5.4. The accuracy and correctness of the customer's contact information directly depends on the accuracy and speed of delivery. Neither the seller nor the transport companies are not responsible for delays and other unforeseen situations, if the customer has provided false contact information when ordering goods.


       Order cancellation and return of goods.
6.1. Seller has the right to cancel the order if the funds are not credited to the bank account of the seller within 2-days from the date of order.

6.2. The buyer has the right to return the purchased goods within 14 days without giving any reason.

6.3. The returned goods must be undamaged, unused, with labels intact and in their original packaging, if any.

6.4. Postage costs to return the goods the buyer assumes, however, costs can not exceed 10 euros.

6.5. If the buyer wants to exchange goods for other goods or similar goods of a different color and / or size, the buyer bears the postage.

6.6. The Purchaser shall promptly after the announcement of the return of goods to the seller to send me, but not later than 30 days from the date of submission of the application.

6.7. Seller shall immediately return the goods in case of a refund to the buyer, but not later than 30 days from the receipt of the client's statements about the desire to return the product.

6.8. Sellers may need a reasonable amount of time to test the product. In the case of product testing in the expert bureau, refund period may be 15 days from the receipt of goods by the seller.

6.9. The buyer has no right to return the goods if he used it except in prudential framework (introduction of commodity, fitting, understanding whether the product is suitable, etc.)

6.10. To save the return possible, when reading, to the product should be treated with care, without damaging the product itself and its details.

6.11. The seller pays the postage for the return of defective goods, if the defects could not be detected by external examination, which did not arise at the opening, or for the goods, does not correspond to the ordered.


       The right to file a claim and refund do not meet the requirements of the goods.
7.1. According to the Law of Obligations Act (Chapter 11, Section 218, Article 2), the customer has the right to bring a claim within two years from the date of receipt of the goods. When detected in the first six months of the defect it is assumed that he already had at the time of purchase. The nature of the defect determines the seller.

7.2. If the defect is of technological nature, the client may require repair of the goods, and if you can not repair - to demand replacement of the goods. Refund can be claimed if the replacement within a reasonable time is impossible due to lack of suitable product.

7.3. When a client of the defect must send an email to info@javershoes.ee, where the following information is available:

7.3.1. the purchaser's name and contact details;

7.3.2. date of filing;

7.3.3. nature of the goods defect;

7.3.4. requirement for the seller;

7.3.5. order number and the name of the payer.

7.4. The statement must be sent no later 2 months from the date of discovery of the defect. If the client does not submit an application within this time, then he loses the right to demand from JAVERSHOES.EE free repair the product or replace its parts.

7.5. JAVERSHOES.EE not responsible:

7.5.1. for damage to the goods by the customer;

7.5.2. a defect, which appeared as a result of inappropriate use of the product;

7.5.3. For the natural wear and tear as a result of the correct use of the product.

7.6. For more information on product return order can be obtained in the "Returns" section.


        Responsibility and compelling circumstances.
8.1. JAVERSHOES.EE not be liable to the Client for damage caused by breach of this agreement, according to the legal acts specified in the Republic of Estonia.

8.2. The client is responsible to JAVERSHOES.EE for damage caused by breach of a customer conditions, pursuant to legislation, established in the Republic of Estonia.

8.3. Neither party will be liable to the other for breach of contract, and non-compliance if the reason for that was not dependent on the parties to insurmountable circumstances.

8.4. JAVERSHOES.EE not compensate for moral damage which may be caused by changes in the prices and terms of delivery of goods and other circumstances under the given conditions of the contract.


       Other conditions
9.1. JAVERSHOES.EE uses data provided by the client only for the execution of client orders. JAVERSHOES.EE not disclose customer data obtained in the process of buying a third party, with the exception of partners engaged in the delivery of goods to the customer and other cases prescribed by law.

9.2. JAVERSHOES.EE reserves the right to send customer information on new products and special offers, if a customer ordered a newsletter from JAVERSHOES.EE. The customer has the right to request removal of their data from the database JAVERSHOES.EE.

9.3. In matters that are not governed by the terms of this contract, the client and JAVERSHOES.EE governed by the laws and regulations of the Republic of Estonia.

9.4. Caused runtime environment data differences and disputes the parties decide, first of all, by means of negotiations. If coming from the terms of the agreement to resolve disputes through negotiation fails, either party has the right to seek protection of their rights in the Department of Consumer Protection or the court.