Size Guide

Due to the widest choice of sizes from 20 to 46, Javer shoes are suitable for both adults and babies. You can select shoes for the whole family in one style. Now it's even easier to create unique looks for the whole family! Just select slip-ons for your loved ones and go striking out across the endless open spaces of the Instagram.

The right size is a guarantee of a long and comfortable wear of shoes, so pay special attention to this aspect.

To avoid a mistake with the choice of the size, you need to measure your foot and compare the data with the table of sizes presented on our website.

How to make correct measurement? It is as easy as pie. The best time to measure your feet is evening; after all after walking during the day, the feet are trampled and become larger. Put your foot on a sheet of paper and mark the most extreme points. Then make measurements by measuring the distance between them. This procedure should be carried out with both feet and the largest length should be chosen. To determine the size the result should be compared with the table. We recommend to measure a child's foot in a warm sock.

Before making the order also pay attention to the width of the foot. Shoes with a thin sole are designed for a middle foot and are true to size. If you have a wide foot, then it is better to make sure that your shoes are at least one size larger.

By using the table on our website you will select shoes of the right size for the whole family.

2012 cm3421.5 cm
2112.5 cm3522 cm
2213 cm3622.5 cm
2313.5 cm3723 cm
2414.5 cm3824 cm
2515 cm3924.5 cm
2616 cm4025 cm
2716.5 cm4125.5 cm
2817 cm4226 cm
2918 cm4327 cm
3018.5 cm4427.5 cm
3119 cm4528 cm
3220 cm4629 cm
3320.5 cm